iPad Pro 9.7 Repair

Broken iPhone Screen? We Can Fix It! Do not spend hours! We Come to You.

  • We have the part in our inventory, so same day repair is available.
Screen Repair  – OEM                                            (Glass + Digitizer + LCD) $ 249
Glass Screen Protector Installation $ 20
  • Repair would be cheaper if you want us to use regular aftermarket screen. 
  • All prices include all parts and labor, our 90-day warranty and our low price guarantee.
  • For other issues please contact us for pricing.
  • We offer a 90 day warranty. In other words, you are covered on any possible functionality issues that may occur as a result of our repair.
  • If you need multiple part installation for same device, we don’t charge you extra labor As a result, you save some money.




Superior iPad Pro 9.7 Repair


IPad Pro  Repair

That would be really a big problem if your IPAD PRO  jumps out of the pocket and crashes against the floor. If that happens, it is our expertise to fix it. It will not be a problem for us to fix a broken screen, battery problems or even charging issues.

You may think that you need another phone, but before that please bring your broken IPAD PRO , and we will do our best to bring it back to life. You will amaze how your devastated device will be working just fine after we fix it.

We understand how frustrating could be to see your IPAD PRO  damaged, but don’t worry! You will get the best service and get the best technician to get your device repaired.  We are offering you also the best warranty and quality parts on repairs. At Superior Phone Repair, we can fix your IPAD PRO  and make it look brand new again

IPad Pro  battery Issues

Do you have a battery problem on your IPAD PRO ? There are several reasons for you to have a battery replacement. Batteries do not last forever. Even if you take extra special care with it, they will wear out. If you had being experienced battery issues with your IPAD PRO , please bring it to us and we will replace it for you! Most of the time, it will only take less than 20 minutes to swap your battery with a new one.

IPad Pro  Screen Repair

Do you have a broken screen on your IPAD PRO ? Are you having a difficulty swiping or is your phone not responding to your touch? If so, your phone may have a broken screen, and you should get a repair as soon as possible. When you bring your IPAD PRO  to us, or request us to come to you, we will perform the IPAD PRO  screen repair very quick and easy. However, we would love to make sure if your IPAD PRO  does not have other problems that are affecting your device functioning properly. After we run a quick diagnostic, we will give you an accurate quote and we will get your IPAD PRO  screen replacement done very quickly.

We can understand that having an IPAD PRO  broken screen could be terrifying, but do not worry about it. We can fix any issue in your IPAD PRO  and we will do everything we can to fix your device. Come, and leave or let us come to you to fix your device. You can trust us our technician to repair your IPAD PRO  broken screen.

IPad Pro  Water Damage Repair

Despite the fact that your IPAD PRO  may be waterproof, believe us that we have seen and repaired a lot of water damaged phones. When you encounter with that problem, we strongly recommend you to get a diagnostic as soon as possible, so we will be at your disposal. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, no matter if your IPAD PRO  is considered water-of or not.

When your phone has contact with water, it most likely will start to have some problems and you should have a technician to take a look at it to see if there is any corrosion. This will possibly cause short circuits and leave serious damage on your device. The faster you get to a repair professional once the damage happens, the better the chance at a full recovery. We will be with you when you need to get your water damage repair. Again, water can affect all the internal system of your IPAD PRO  and it needs to be fixed immediately.

IPad Pro  Charging Port Repair

Do you have any problem on your IPAD PRO  to make it able to charge it? It can very frustrating that you left your phone charging for hours and the battery does not get charged at all. That could be a sign that your charging port may be broken and it needs to be replaced. We are here to help you and to fix your charge port. We are capable of performing Charging Port Repair. Don’t let that a broken charging port get you to end up buying a new phone. Charge Port is definitely fixable and you will not have to throw your IPAD PRO  in the trash after you have us fix your charge port.

IPad Pro  Other Issues

It does not matter if your IPAD PRO  has the worst or specific issue, we recommend you not to worry about and bring it to us for a free diagnostic. Trust us that we have seen more than you and we have fixed many of them. We want you to know that anything is fixable in your IPAD PRO  from a broken camera glass to Wifi issues. We will do our best for bringing your best friend back to life, so make an appointment today for your IPad Pro  Repair.


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